I've loved drawing since I was old enough to hold a crayon. These days, my tools are a bit more sophisticated, but that innate passion is still as fierce as ever.

Everybody's favourite surly Klingon!

Animal line art series developed during a 2018 internship at the Halifax Museum of Natural History.

Just because you're old doesn't mean you have to be boring! (Birthday card illustration for a friend)

Character design concept for an interplanetary backpacker.

Three of my favourite fictional females from pop culture.

Exploring a retro mid-century style to depict Halifax's "Quinpool Rhoda" for a 2019 holiday marketing campaign.
AGENCY: Burke & Burke  |  ART DIRECTION, COPYWRITING: Larry Burke  |  DESIGN: Racheal Gallant  |  ILLUSTRATION: Benjamin Thompson

Inspired by a recent move to rural Southern Ontario. Life on the farm is good.

Monster characters developed for children's birthday invitations and party decorations.
AGENCY: Burke & Burke  |  ART DIRECTION: Larry Burke  |  ILLUSTRATION: Benjamin Thompson

Steampunk mechanical apes, inspired by Warsaw-based illustrator Dan Gartman.

Mini-Inktober! My innovative solution for the avid illustrator that’s either too busy or too lazy to commit to a full-sized ink drawing for 31 days in a row. (Each square measures roughly 1″ x 1″)

Experimenting with a minimalist approach for this caveman character design inspired by the wonderful Monika Norcross-Cerminara.

“Alebrije” character design (mythical fantasy creatures popular in Mexican folk art) adapted from a hastily scribbled crayon drawing made while entertaining my young nieces. They lovingly named my koala-squirrel hybrid, “Sabrina.”

Linocut greeting cards, largely inspired by my frequent inclination to unplug and enjoy life offline.

My contribution to a world that can never be too oversaturated with Baby Yoda imagery.

The "Apocalypster" began as a black & white ink sketch; digital colour was added for a dynamic look on poster prints and my business cards.

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